Kolam saree

Handmade Chaya root dying was a flourishing industry in Jaffna during Dutch rule where even the King of Jaffna was known as Chaya Ver (root) Raja. Kolam fabrics are an attempt to revive this age-old dyeing technique practised by our ancestors. We have re-adopted the dyeing technique using flowers, roots and fruits of herbs such as margosa, tamarind, kumkum and turmeric. All Kolam products are unique because they are crafted by hand, emotion and expression, unlike machine manufactured textiles.

Saree Care

This is a limited edition saree measuring 6 yards, made from 100% cotton fabric by weavers in Jaffna which has been embroidered/ hand painted/dyed with plant and mineral dyes.

No two pieces are exactly alike, as each one is individually hands made with skill and care.  Colour variations and markings are particular to each unique saree and are characteristic of the hand made processes used.

For long-lasting wear we recommend you wash your saree in a cold machine (30 degrees), dry clean or hand wash only. Hang dry in shade. Please note: some excess dye may bleed when first washed.